Who We Are

We are enclosed Contemplative religious women. Our life is centred around the Liturgy of the Hours, the Eucharist, personal prayer and contemplation


The more we strive to live the love of Christ, the more the thoughts and feelings of Christ will fill our spirit and our heart, the more we will become His faithful images and the more also will we be able to be true witnesses of the love of Jesus.

In order to live in the love of the Lord and to progress unceasingly in this love we strive to bring our lives always more closely into accord with the GOSPEL.

We remember also that the EUCHARIST is the perfect sacrifice of love and praise. It is in and through the Eucharist that we will be in deepest communion with the Lord and that we will learn to be, like Him, living Eucharist for the Church and for the world.

We are consecrated to the DIVINE WORSHIP, specially commissioned to celebrate this public prayer of praise and intercession in the name of all, including those who do not pray.

We strive to give our celebrations such quality of faith, devotion and festive character that they could help to give to the faithful a taste for prayer.

We try to offer SPIRITUAL SUPPORT to the people who frequent the monastery church. While remaining faithful to our own spirituality, we introduce them to forms of prayer and of the spiritual life and to ways of deepening the faith which answer the needs and aspiration of today.


Maria Celeste Crostarosa

1696 – 1755: Religious Nun, Mystic, Writer and Foundress of the Redemptoristine Nuns.

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St. Alphonsus Liguori

1696 – 1787: Doctor of the Church, Founder of the CSSR Congregation and contributed to the Foundation of the Redemptoristines

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MBNP zmniejsozna

Mother of Perpetual Help

An antique icon of Our Lady entrusted by Pope Pius IX in 1866 in order to “Make Her known throughout the world!”

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By our work we are united in our own way with those who labour and we show them the esteem which is their due.

We strive to provide for our subsistence by our work, without hiding from ourselves the fact that poverty can lead us to a certain personal and community insecurity.


Facing the demands and the difficult conditions of work we will have the attitude of the poor. We work FOR OUR LIVING and TO BE ABLE TO SHARE WITH THOSE IN NEED. Whatever our resources we genuinely share them with the poorest as far as possible.


The work we do in the monastery should be COMPATABLE WITH THE RHYTHM OF OUR CONTEMPLATIVE LIFE and should fit in to the normal routine. In this way too we are faithful to the example of Christ and to the spirit of the sermon on the Mount.


Work is itself an important element in our spiritual and contemplative life. It provides an INDISPENSABLE BALANCE IN OUR LIFE AS CONTEMPLATIVES.


We have received life as a gift of God and we sustain it by work. WE DO NOT SEEK PROFIT but we witness before God and humankind to the outstanding dignity of human work.


We perform the work assigned to us AS A SERVICE OF CHARITY FOR THE COMMUNITY. We bring to it all our ability. Each one conscientiously carries out the domestic tasks for which she is responsible and so contributes not only to the reign of good order but also to making community life pleasant. We help one another voluntarily and with discretion.


Mutual love is the SUPREME RULE of our life in community.


THE TASK OF ALL, each one feels personally responsible for the atmosphere of understanding, agreement and harmony which ought to be prevalent in the monastery.


In order to build, develop and mantain the life of charity among us, we take advantage of peak moments such as the celebration of the Liturgy, coming together for prayer, community meetings, recreations and the times for relaxation and work in common.


The community acts afford us the opportunity to deepen our mutual understanding and to let others share in the joy which God gives us. Mutual charity, lived according to the spirit of our community, has as its fruit PASCHAL JOY – the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Our life together presupposes DIALOGUE, a principal element of community love. We enjoy exchanging ideas among ourselves in the ATMOSPHERE OF SIMPICITY, CONFIDENCE AND FRIENDSHIP.


The life of charity that we live in our communities demand of us to free ourselves from the different forms of selfishness.


There are many opportunities for HUMILITY in our community living: gentleness and moderation in our words, serenity of spirit, patience, searching for an atmosphere of peace – the peace of Christ – heartfelt and devoted service of our sisters, like Jesus who came not to be served but to serve.


GOSPEL FRIENDSHIP, which reign among us and which is a memorial of the love of God the Father, gives to our community life its real meaning.


Silence, being an essential value of monastic life, liberates the soul and opens a person to the depths of the mystery of God and to intimacy with Him.


It is not an isolation nor an absence of words but a loving presence to God as well as a delicate sensitivity to the presence of others by an attitude which allows them to be recollected and to pray. That is why we love silence for ourselves and we strive to encourage it around us.


Our personal and community recollection in Jesus in no way suggests hatred of or flight from the world, but is rather a sign and a redemptive service for the world. We form a community precisely to guarantee a better ministry to our brothers and sisters; in this way we bear witness to the presence of the Saviour in their midst, and for them.


Although materially separated from the world, we are also present in it by our witness and by our welcome. The enclosure which cuts us off from the world is AN OPEN DOOR FOR THOSE SEEKING GOD.


Although hidden in Christ and scarcely visible to the eyes of the world, our life of adoration, praise and inter¬cession is of itself fully apostolic and missionary.


Our particular apostolate as Redemptoristines in the Church is OUR LIFE ITSELF which we have consecrated to God by religious profession and which is entirely directed to contemplation.


At each moment by our life of union with the Redeemer, by the authenticity of our mutual charity and by our prayer, we witness to the mystery of the Church, Spouse of Christ, and we announee the coming of the Kingdom.


Each of our monasteries is an INTEGRAL PART OF A LOCAL CHURCH and we are specially devoted to it. With it we share the faith, love, hope, joys and sorrows of those who live in the area.


Our monastery has a vocation to be a CENTER OF PRAYER and CONTEMPLATIVE APOSTOLATE in this Church. Our brothers and sisters who wish to reflect, pray and renew their spiritual lives in an atmosphere of silence and recollection, must be able to find in our monasteries the house of prayer and peace which they need.


Aware of the solidarity with the local Church and of the witness we are to give it, we try to offer spiritual support to the people who frequent the mona¬stery church.


While remaining faithful to our own spirituality, we introduce them to forms of prayer and of the spiritual life and to ways of deepening the faith which answer the needs and aspirations of today.

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