The Order of the Most Holy Redeemer was founded on May 13th, at Scala, in the Kingdom of Naples. The foundress, Bl. Maria Celeste Crostarosa was a religious in a  DSCF7734Conservatory at Scala and a mystique. Under    the divine inspiration, she wrote Nine Rules for the new Order which, according to her revelations was to be established at Scala. The collaboration of Saint Alphonsus Liguori was decisive for the foundation of the new Order. In turn M. Celeste’s inspirations influenced Saint Alphonsus to found the Congregation of Missionaries –called Redemptorists in 1732.

Redemptoristines are called by the Father to be, in the Church and in the world of today, a Living Memorial of the Redeemer. The Order consists of communities, which strive to live the Gospel of Christ, within papal enclosure.

Diabo Sisters 1

M. Celeste’s original concept of religious life is that of  being a life hidden with Christ in God, which becomes a radiation of Christ and His works.

Maria Celeste founded a monastery at Foggia in 1738, where the primitive rule was observed. Saint Alphonsus having become a bishop invited the Sisters to his Episcopal town – Saint Agatha of the Goths. In the 19 century the Order spread initially to Vienna and then to Belgium, Holland Ireland, France and England. In the 20 century the Order spread to all the other Continents as well.

On June 18th in Foggia, (Italy) M. Celeste Crostarsoa was proclaimed blessed.